URCDKeys Hot Winter Sale: Вземете оригинален Windows 10 и друг софтуер с намаление до 80%

It may be getting cold outside, but things are getting blazing hot on URCDKeys, a global retailer of genuine software, with heavy discounts on software, games, in-game items, subscriptions, and more. Windows 10 Pro is the store's most fast-moving item, and highly recommended for PC enthusiasts for its power-user features. With a TechPowerUp-exclusive discount code applied, you can have it for as little as USD $12.49, and update your Windows 7 machine before Microsoft pulls the plug on support next month. Office 2016 Professional Plus is another software no home or small-office desktop is complete without. The powerful productivity suite can be yours for $32.13. URCDKeys accepts PayPal, so your payment instruments and purchase are secured. Grab these deals while they're hot!

Не забравяйте да приложите изключителния код за отстъпки от TechPowerUp TP20 в касата, за да се възползвате от цените, които виждате тук.

Купете Windows 10 Pro от URCDKeys за $ 12.49 | Купете Office 2016 Professional Plus от URCDKeys за $ 32.13