Силата на маркетинга - Ryzen Hype Train Hyperloops на AMD

AMD did it again: building-up such a tremendous speed on its new products' hype train that the Ryzen 7 1700X, Ryzen 7 1800X, and Ryzen 7 1700 managed to jump straight to first, second, and fourth spots of Amazon's list of best-selling CPUs, respectively, dethroning even Intel's mighty i7 7700K. Granted, it isn't hard for the processors from one or the other manufacturer to quickly jump and wrangle about the spots on retailer's best seller lists - there Are only two manufacturers of consumer-grade, high-performance x86 CPUs. But keep in mind: this is a pre-order we're talking about, with nothing but leaks and marketing maneuvering for consumers to base their purchase on. Успехи в знанията за представянето на Ryzen и реални прояви на магията, независимо от обещанието за 8-ядрени, 16-резбови високопроизводителни чипове с традиционен дизайн x86 и обещаващ SMT подход (при ценови точки, радващи на сълзи от радост ) са били достатъчни, за да привлекат потребителите. Поне, ако се съди по това как някои търговци на дребно вече са изчерпали наличностите за новите процесори Ryzen. Amazon и Newegg, може би двата най-подходящи търговци на дребно на хардуер за компютър по обем, вече са изгорили през 1800X запасите си, само три дни след отварянето на заповедите с предварителна поръчка.

While AMD plans on shipping one million pieces of Ryzen silicon for launch, it would seem that either demand was underestimated, production isn't at the level it should be, or there was a miscalculation on the needed inventory for such powerhouses as Amazon and Newegg. TigerDirect, NCIX and MicroCenter still carry some Ryzen 1800X stock though, so if you must, by all means, put your hands on a sample of AMD's prodigal son, jump straight to it. Sources: Tom's Hardware, DigiTimes