SK Hynix обявява наличност на 16 Gb DDR4 чипове, до 256 GB DIMM

Sk Hynix has added to its product catalog single-die 16 Gb DDR4 memory chips, which should enable a two-fold increase in maximum memory capacity per single DIMM. This allows SK Hynix to sell same-capacity chips with fewer memory semiconductor dies, due to the increase in storage density, and to increase maximum memory capacity at the same memory die populations as before. The benefits are lower power consumption (due to the reduced number of memory dies to power), and the possibility of putting together either dual-ranked 64 GB modules, quad-ranked 128 GB LRDIMMs and octal-ranked 256 GB LRDIMMs. That last part is the most important: theoretically, the maximum amount of memory on top Intel or AMD server platforms could double, which could enable up to 4 TB RAM in EPYC systems, for example. And as memory-hungry as big data applications have become, there's ever need for higher memory capacity.

16 Gb DDR4 чипове на SK Hynix са организирани като 1Gx16 и 2Gx8 и се доставят съответно в пакети FBGA96 и FBGA78. Сегашните скорости на плътност от 16 Gb стоят в режими DDR4-2133 CL15 или DDR4-2400 CL17 при 1.2 V. Плановете на SK Hynix увеличават наличните честоти през третото тримесечие на тази година, добавяйки DDR4-2666 CL19 към линията. Sources: SK Hynix, via AnandTech